Playing the gamers

spamSome of us are gamers, and some of us gamers have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto V’s PC release.

Unfortunately, phishers have taken this opportunity to scam unsuspecting PC gamers by providing what appears to be a PC beta key for GTA V. IGN, Trend Micro, and plenty of other gaming and computer security groups have already spotted and jumped on the hoax. The image on the left comes from Trend Micro and shows what one of the beta scam emails might look like.

The email, which is poorly written, attempts to get you to download a .zip file to get your beta key. Anyone who’s received a legitimate beta key via email knows that it’s common practice to provide that key in plain text in the body of the email. Downloadable beta attachments are never provided by legitimate game producers.

Keep an eye out for this one. GTA may include gunpoint robbery, but backdoor theft is just as real a threat.

For more information, check out IGN’s article (bonus points if you already knew about this article from the @ITatUD Twitter feed).

Alex Lindstrom