My mailbox is full?

Have you been using your email a lot recently? Should you re-validate it so you can keep receiving email messages? The answer should be NO!

This message has been be seen in several Google Apps mailboxes:

Click smaller image for a larger version.

It is clearly a phishing scam for several reasons:

  • The subject is ambiguous.
  • The message does not refer to you by name.
  • The sender is not using a Google Apps email address.
  • There are several grammar errors such as incorrect capitalization and missing periods.
  • The message is signed by “ITS help desk” instead of “IT Support Center”.
  • The “ADMIN TEAM” link is very suspicious.

It is easy to check how full your Google Apps inbox is, and it doesn’t require you to click on suspicious links. If you scroll to the bottom of your inbox, you will see something similar to this:

Click smaller image for a larger version.

As you can see, you have 15GBs of space instead of the 500MBs that the phishing scam suggests. You are also probably not even close to having a full inbox. Never believe email messages that suggest your inbox is almost full.

Thomas Joseph Springer III