“Verify this email address” and you’ll be phished

This phish seen this morning at UD may catch you if you’re unaware. It’s a variation of a phish seen in our mailboxes earlier this month.

  • Similar “official sounding” boilerplate language about forwarding and maintenance.
  • Similar use of a udel.edu URL in the text as a link to a bad non-UD site. (Hover your computer mouse over the link to see where it really will take you.)

    Phishing Scam

    Phishing Scam: Note where the link REALLY goes.

    If you click the link and enter your UDelNet ID and password, change your UDelNet password immediately by going to the UD Network page.

  • Similar spoofing of an official-looking UD email address. Remember, UD will never ask you to verify your personal information by clicking a link in an email message. Nor will UD ever ask you to send personal information via email.
  • Same bogus paragraph about what the “Primary owner” must do. At UD, we instruct you not to share your email account. “Primary owner” implies “secondary” use of an email account.

See this scam in your inbox? Delete it.

Richard Gordon