Your Webmail account is on restriction–not!

An eagle-eyed colleague sent us this phishing scam today. Looks pretty convincing until you hover your mouse over the alleged link to UD’s mail service and see a non-UD link! Other tell-tale signs:

  • Since UD tells you not to share your accounts or passwords with anyone, why would we refer to you as the “Primary owner”?
  • Why would we tell you to forward your other email accounts to your UD Webmail account AND tell you when we do system maintenance in the same message in which we tell you about a problem with your account?

Just delete it.

Webmail phishing scam

Webmail phishing scam--look where that link really goes.

If you do click the link and enter your UDelNet ID and password? Change your UDelNet password immediately by going to the UD Network page.

Richard Gordon