An email phish from “IT Service”

This phishing scam was reported by a couple of readers. It’s not been tailored to UD; however, quickly scanning email and seeing a note from IT Service that your email account needs validating may catch a few people. Particularly if folks open the message and glance at the “Warning” subheading and copyright notice.

Another Phishing Scam

Click on the screen shot above to zoom in.

A few clues that this is not legitimate email:

  • The message did not come from a address.
  • The Reply-To: address is phishy (pun intended): “noreply@itservice” is an invalid email address format.
  • If you hover your mouse over the phrase “Clicking Here,” you’ll see the phisher is trying to lure you to click on a non-UD link (not something in the domain!) to harvest too much personal information.
  • Even though no words are misspelled, there are plenty of typos. For example:
    • Email is spelled “Email,” “E-mail,” “email,” and “e-mail.”
    • In the middle of different sentences, “account” is sometimes capitalized and sometimes not.
    • There’s spacing on either side of the period (.) in the middle of the copyright notice.

    We’re not perfect, but our copy editing standards are a bit higher than that.

Get this message? Just delete it.

Richard Gordon