Service Upgrade & Maintanance [sic] Phish

No, the IT Support Center did not send you email asking you to send them your UDelNet ID and UDelNet Password. The message below is a classic spear phishing scam. Lots of UD specific language in this phish. But if you read carefully, the message reads like something written in a foreign language then forced through a not-very-good translation program.

And, in case you’ve forgotten, the University of Delaware will never ask you to email in your UDelNet ID and password.

If you got this message, just delete it.

From: "IT Support Center"
Date: November 17, 2011 3:59:53 PM EST
Subject: Service Upgrade & Maintanance
Reply-To: IT Support Center

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Service Upgrade & Maintanance

In line with the upgrade of our services to enhance relevant service continuity of all
webmail/UD Google Apps account is in the process of being upgraded to a new set of
Windows-based servers and an enhanced online email interface in line with internet
infrastructure maintenance. The new servers will provide 2GB storage per mailbox,
new spam protection, new Web Mail interface, IMAP, POP, and SMTP support.

To ensure that UD webmail/UD Google Apps account is not intermittently disrupted 
but active during and after this service upgrade to the new servers, you are 
required to confirm your webmail/UD Google Apps account login details by 
stating your:

 * UDelNet ID:
 * UDelNet password:

as this will prompt the upgrade of your account. However kindly note that if 
receipt of this notice if duly acknowledged, it might result to a temporal 
deactivation of your webmail/UD Google Apps from Support database. Your 
webmail/UD Google Apps account shall remain active upon your confirmation 
of your account login details.

IT Support Center apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

IT Support Center

Information Technologies Support Center  University of Delaware.

Richard Gordon