Sustaining Places

Material type: Web site

Year: 2013-2014

Used in courses:

MSST 607 Fundraising for Museums, Spring 14, Armand Batisti
MSST 603 Museums & Technology, Spring 14, Mike Zarafonetis
MSST 600 – Museums, History & Practice, Fall 13 – Kasey Grier
MSST 601 – Curatorship & Collections Management, Fall 13, Frank McKelvey
MSST 602 – Archives & Paper Collections, Fall 13, Terry Synder
MSST 607 – Education & Interpretation, Spring 13, Rosemary Krill

Authored by:

Kasey Grier, Ph.D., Director, Museum Studies Program
Tracy Jentzsch, Staff Assistant, Museum Studies Program
Stephanie Lampkin, Graduate Assistant, Museum Studies Program
Nicole Belolan, Graduate Assistant, Museum Studies Program
… and many more


Sustaining Places is a collaborative resource project from the Museum Studies Program at the University of Delaware and the Tri-State Coalition of Historic Places. This site is supported by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services’ 21st Century Museum Professionals Program. This website collects examples of good ideas and best practices for small historical organizations. The content is produced by and/or curated by our graduate students.