In recent years additive manufacturing (AM) has evolved from systems that produce prototypes strictly for fit and form testing to systems that incorporate a variety of different material types and print technologies for creating parts with a high degree of functionality. Examples include 3D printing of complex electronic systems, sensors, actuators and batteries to name just a few. At UD’s Functional Additive Manufacturing Laboratory we work to push the boundaries of functional devices and systems that can be realized using AM. To accomplish this we have; (1) brought together an interdisciplinary group of talented graduate students, post-docs and faculty collaborators with combined expertise in material science, chemistry, high frequency electronics, AM system development and computational modeling and design, (2) established a world-class facility that combines state-of-the-art multimaterial, polymer, metals and ceramic AM system with equipment for synthesizing and characterizing new functional materials, and (3) applied our expertise towards a wide range of applications within defense, medicine, energy and other commercial technologies.

Contact Us:  Professor Mark Mirotznik


tel: (301)873-7029

mailing address:  139 The Green, Newark DE, 19716

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