Our research portfolio spans technology readiness levels (TRL) from basic fundamental studies on materials and AM processes (TRL 1-2) to application driven projects ready for transistion to field testing and use (TRL 6-8). This wide spectrum of projects levearages our interdisciplinary group of talented graduate students, post-docs and faculty collaborators with combined expertise in material science, chemistry, high frequency electronics, AM system develop and computational modeling and design.

New Material Development

AM System Development

  • We have developed with our research partners at DeLUX Advanced Manufacturing a wide range of functional printable inks including high conductivity, resistive, florescent, magnetic, phase changing and chemiresistive.
  • We also compound and extrude our own polymer filaments with functional additives. Some examples include low permittivity, high permittivity and magnetic filaments.
  • We have developed with our research partners at DeLUX Advanced Manufacuring a range of custom AM systems including the hopper fed systems for printing highly loaded polymers shown below.  We also have experience integrating custom monitoring and control hardware and software on existing AM systems to provide closed-loop feedback during the printing process.

Computational Modeling and Design


  • We have developed a range of custom modeling and design codes. Most of these codes are targeted towards applications in radiofrequency devices and systems.
  • We also have a variety of commercial codes including HFSS, FEKO and COMSOL.
  • We have conducted research and development projects in a wide range of  application areas. Some examples are provided below: 

Example Applications

Application of Functional AM towards Radiofrequency Devices and Systems

Application of Functional AM towards High Temperature Ceramics Devices

Slides on AM Fabrication of RF Electronic Devices and Systems

Slides on AM Fabrication of Ceramics

Application of Functional AM towards Graded Index Lenses

AM Fabrication of Full Integrated Systems

Slides on AM Fabrication of Graded Index Structures

Multifunctional Structural Composites

Conformal Metasurfaces

Multifunctional Structural Composites

Printed RF Connectors

Printed Multi-tapered Wideband Baluns

Printed RF Connectors

Printed RF Antenna Feeds with Wideband Baluns

Contact Us:  Professor Mark Mirotznik

email: mirotzni@udel.edu

tel: (301)873-7029

mailing address:  139 The Green, Newark DE, 19716

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