What is Tuesday Dinner?

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Tuesday Night Dinners at Pauls’ Chapel

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What are Tuesday Night Dinners at Pauls’ Chapel?

 Dinners on Tuesday evening during the school year have become a welcome and important part of the fellowship activities for Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM).  Students look forward to getting together with friends in a comfortable environment, laughing, sharing, taking a break from studies, and enjoying a home-cooked meal prepared by members of local congregations.   Typically the meal starts at 6 PM and is followed at 7 PM by worship and discussion at the Chapel.  Students are welcome for any portion of the evening, as fits their schedule in a given week.  Tuesday night hosts are welcome and encouraged to spend the evening with the students.

Some congregations like to work together as a group and to divide up each portion of the meal.  We welcome this as a hosting option.  Perhaps there is someone in your congregation who likes to cook and wants to participate but can’t travel to UD.  The group could bring that portion of the meal.  LCM is very flexible, and we are willing to work with our hosts to ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone.

LCM will notify you a week in advance to confirm your hosting date.  We understand that conflicts arise, so if you need to reschedule, we would appreciate being notified as soon as possible.

What are the responsibilities of a “host”?

The meal:  Dinner attendance varies, but typically food is needed for about 16-18 students and the host(s).  The students are very appreciative of whatever is offered, but dinner hosts usually provide an entrée, salad, a side dish or vegetable, and dessert.  There are usually a few vegetarians, so it is helpful to include a meatless offering.  We also have a student who has a nut allergy, so please refrain from cooking or baking with nuts.  Beverages do NOT need to be provided; water and lemonade are available at the Chapel.

Dinnerware:  Dishes, flatware, and napkins are available at the Chapel.  Condiments (e.g. salad dressing and butter) are generally on hand in the Chapel refrigerator and can be set out as needed.  Salt, pepper, and a small selection of spices can be found in the cabinets.

Amenities:  There is a small kitchen area available in the Chapel, with a sink (no garbage disposal), electric four-burner stove & oven, small microwave, & refrigerator.  There are some serving pieces and a few pots and pans.  You are welcome to use any of the items that you find in the kitchen or hallway storage closet.   However, most hosts find it more convenient to prepare the meals in their homes, and then bring them “ready to serve” to the Chapel.

Set up:  Tables and chairs are already set up.  There might be a few students present at 5:45, but typically many come close to 6 PM.  We have a student who will be available at 5:00 to help the host with setup or to answer questions.  The meal is served buffet style.

Clean up:  The students are accustomed to rinsing their own dishes and loading them into the dishwasher.  It is up to the host to take the leftovers home or to offer them to the students (some have apartments).  Please wash any cooking or serving pieces that you have used and wipe off the counters and tables before you leave.

LCM is extremely appreciative of the hospitality that our volunteer hosts offer to the students!  We hope our hosts enjoy an evening of Christian fellowship with our students and this chance to learn more about UD’s Lutheran Campus Ministry!

Blessings to you for your willingness to serve and support LCM and our students!

You are a blessing to us!

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