But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.     2 Chronicles 15:7

Fellowship in Serving the Hungry (F.I.S.H.): provides supplemental groceries for 60 low-income families in the Newark community.  On food-distribution days, students pack boxes, and help clients with both registration and courtesy-loading of their food  into a public bus or car.

Clothing and school supplies are collected throughout the year; some are distributed through FISH and others through organizations like Lutheran Community Services (LCS).

Family Promise: Local churches that participate in Family Promise house homeless families for a week at a time on a rotating schedule, providing food, housing, and most importantly, keeping families together. Students will go to churches in the community to help set up before the families arrive, spend time with the families during their stay, and/or clean up after they leave.

Lutheran Community Services (LCS): Lutheran Community Services is the organization through which F.I.S.H. and many other community service projects are run. In the past year, LCS has been in the process of moving into a new building, and students have been volunteering to work on a community garden that will be housed in the backyard of the building.

See below for our gallery of photos from F.I.S.H.!


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