Do I need to be Lutheran to attend/join?

No! We welcome all students of all backgrounds. Our purpose is to provide an inclusive environment of fellowship and discussion, which includes a Christian foundation. Many of our members come from a Lutheran background, but many of them do not!

What if I’ve never been to church before, or have never really considered myself religious?

That’s okay! Anyone is welcome to attend and join, and our worship and discussion is meant to be an exploration of faith for everyone, despite religious (or non-religious) background.

What if I don’t agree with all of your views?

No worries! We don’t have all of the answers, but we do have many questions. Bring your questions with you, and we can learn together!

What exactly can I expect if I come to dinner?

Dinners and discussions are from 6-8 pm every Tuesday. For the first hour,  we eat dinner and enjoy conversation around the table. Dinners are usually provided by community members and members of supporting congregations in the area. Students love the opportunity to have a home-cooked meal!

We then usually go over announcements and move into the chapel for the second hour, during which we have discussion, usually based on a topic determined by the time of the year, or building on what we talked about the week before. At the end, we often have a short prayer or song to finish the night.

What kind of service do you do?

We are connected to many service opportunities and organizations, through St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Newark and through the UD Community! See our service page for more information.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact our Chaplain, Mindy Holland, at:



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