My research group undertakes numerous outreach activities throughout the year.   We have provided demonstrations at Coast Day, Make a Splash Event, McKean High School, Conrad School of Math and Science, STEM Night at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, and Science Night and Newark Charter Middle School among others.

Our main focus during the outreach activities is to get students excited about science and engineering using a 16′ portable wave flume.  Support for the flume has been provided by Delaware SeaGrant and the National Science Foundation.  We have 3 flumes with 2 being on long term load to McKean and Conrad High Schools.

We have developed science modules to be used with the wave flume.  The modules range from simple linear wave theory measurements to quantifying beach erosion or accretion for different wave conditions impinging a Delrin bead (mimics sand) beach. Pictures Below show the use of the wave flume in action.


Puleo giving a demonstration to 4th grader students during the Make a Splash event.