Visiting Scholars




I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. I earned my B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia in March 2015. Then I started my Master’s program in Environmental Engineering (Expected completion December 2017) with a teaching assistantship, in which I was in charge of the Labs of the Courses “Drinkable Water Treatment “and “Solid Waste Management” at Universidad de Los Andes. I started recognizing my abilities in research thanks to the fact of taking two courses related to Geographic Informational Systems (GIS); the first one called Geomatics: Sustainable planning and the second one called Maps and GIS Analysis. In both of them I put a lot of passion and effort in a way that I got excellent grades and the appreciation of both Professors who taught the courses. In Summer 2015 I worked developing a GIS analysis about cycling roads in Europe. After that, I got a recommendation to work in winter 2015 in a project related to identifying and correcting LANDSAT images of Cocoa Areas in Ecuador. It is since then that GIS -especially Remote Sensors- is a passion for me and I am grateful for working in that topic right now. Since February 2017 I’m enrolled in a research about a Land-Cover Classification of Andean Paramos through Remote-Sensor interpretation of LANDSAT and Sentinnel-2 images. Finally in Summer 2017 I got the opportunity to be part of an internship program at University of Delaware and to work with Proffesor Jack Puleo where I learned more about Ocean Engineering and I helped him developing through programming a way to automate image-based quantification of beach user populations.

Outside professional environment, I enjoy traveling, swimming, music events, theatre, yoga and outside activities in general. I consider myself a film addict and I am always up for a good talk and a good drink.


Jose Carlos Pintado-Patino (Garcia Robles Fulbright Scholar; Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

Dr. Yanhong Wang (Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute)