Wave Flume Specs

The wave flume is made of optical quality 3/4″ thick acrylic. The flume is 16′ long, 13″ tall and 4 1/4″ wide (internal width). The flume is made of two sections that clamp together with a water tight seal. Having two pieces increases portability. A DC motor and controller and one end of the flume drives the wave paddle. A synthetic beach made of Delrin Beads is installed at the far end. The beads mimic sand but are better for this application because they do not scratch the acrylic and they are more easily transported by the small waves. Teh moveable beach allows students to explore the effects of varying paddle speed, water levels and tsunami generation. Our flumes were fabricated by CHPT Manufacturing.

A full description of the flume, specs and parts list are found in the Flume Guide


Puleo giving a demonstration to teachers and the Vice Principal of McKean High School.


Picture showing the wave paddle, wheel and linkage arm and Dc controller.  The motor inside the housing is not visible.


Picture from Coast Day of the wave flume. Puleo talking to visitors in the background.