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About the Island Policy Lab

The IPL is passionately committed to finding solutions to the unique challenges faced by island nations and territories stemming from social, economic, environmental and natural resource factors.  The IPL is a partnership between the UN Small Island Developing States (UN SIDS) and the University Consortium of Small Island States (UCSIS) formed to address island specific development issues in alignment with the goals and aspiration of the SAMOA Pathway, the Sustainable Development Goals and other international agreements.

Mission of the IPL

The mission of the IPL is to provide policymakers, corporate public and private leaders and the general public with data-driven and high quality analysis on sustainability issues in islands.  The IPL also provides a shared, open knowledge sharing and transfer platform to strengthen SIDS universities capacity and SIDS government policy interventions. It aims to bring the power of academic rigor to generate innovative and applied policy-based solutions to islands’ problems. 

Latest News

Register for the 2020 Annual Conference for AAAS Caribbean

Please join us for these timely deliberations. Insights from several leading researchers, students, education, sustainable development researchers on science, technology and sustainable development.

In the News - IPL's last webinar success has been reported on Newswise

Our last webinar on “Technology & Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability” has been reported on Newswise.  Click on the link to read the press article.

Webinar - Watch our last webinar on "Technology & Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability"

Our last webinar on “Technology & Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability” held on Sept 10th is now available on  YouTube.  Follow the link below.

Podcast - IPL Director talks about effective policymaking

IPL Director Dr Kalim Shah discussed effective environmental policymaking for the Caribbean in a new podcast with CESaRE Voices.

Upcoming - New Webinars on Island Sustainability Coming Soon

The IPL will hold its next webinar for island sustainability by end of November 2020.  Kindly Subscribe to get more details on the event.


Webinar on Technology & Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability

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Our Mission

The Island Policy Lab aims to finding solutions to the unique challenges faced by island nations.  We conduct research and run educational programs in a number of island nations.

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