Through conferences, workshops, webinars and panel discussions, the Island Policy Lab actively engages international leaders to discuss issues around islands’ vulnerabilities and solutions for their sustainable development.


The webinar offers an expert discussion about reviving about leveraging new tools, technologies and approaches to sustainable energy transition in islands. 


  • Peter Larsen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
  • Gregory Guannel, University of Virgin Islands
  • Rebekkah Shirley, World Resources Institute (Africa) 
  • John Byrne, University of Delaware
  • Philipp Blechinger, Reiner Lemoine Institut


The webinar offers an expert discussion about reviving key economic activities in sustainable ways as islands emerge from the pandemic. 


  • Basil Ottley, US Department of Interior
  • Kate Brown, Global Island Partnership
  • Emilio Pantojas-Garcia, Universidad de Puerto Rico 
  • Senator Noorani Azeez, St Lucia Hospitality & Tourism Association
  • Kirsten McGregor, SAGAX Associates


The webinar offers an expert discussion on how to leverage scientific data and information for solutions to todays’ pressing environmental and climate change challenges. 


  • Roger Pulwarty, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
  • Austin Shelton, University of Guam
  • Victoria Keener, East-West Center, Hawaii
  • Jules Bruck, University of Delaware 
  • Peter Edwards, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Solve Climate by 2030 Global Dialogs (Delaware)

May 2, 2021

The IPL was proud to participate with global colleagues over the world in the Global Dialogs 2021 hosted by the SolveCLIMATEBY2030 movement.  IPL Director Dr Shah moderated sessions of the global event from Delaware.  Speakers included: Kelly Jacobs, Jules Bruck and John Callahan from the University of Delaware and Edie Vinson-Maitland from FEMA.

Green Industries, Technologies and Air Pollution

March 11, 2021

IPL Director, Dr Kalim Shah speaks on green industries, technologies and air pollution in a webinar organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s The Ramphal Institute. Other speakers to the webinar included: Tara Ramanathan (Nexleaf Analytics) and Vivek Bhatia (Thyssenkrupp Industries India Pvt Ltd).

Sustainable Energy Policy for the Recovery of Island Economies 

20 November 2021

The webinar provides a discussion of sustainable development efforts in islands.  It was organized by the Island Policy Lab with a grant from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).  Speakers: Sai Navoti (UNDESA), Ravita Prasad (Fiji National University), Steven Hegedus (University of Delaware), Catherina Cader, Renier Lemoine Institute, Arieta Gonelevu Rakai (IRENA).

Technology and Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability

September 10, 2020

The webinar discusses speeding up and scaling up technology driven interventions that promote sustainable development.  Speakers include: Laura Hosman (Arizona State University), Atul Raturi (University of South Pacific), His Excellency Anton Edmunds (Ambassador of St Lucia to the US), David Ramjohn (AlgEthernal Technologies, LLC), Philipp Blechinger (RLI), Authur Trembanis (University of Delaware), Pedro Lopes (Government of Cabo Verde) and Sara Traerup (UNEP DTU Partnership).

U.S Congressional Briefing on Science Diplomacy 

14 May 2021

Professor Saleem Ali from the University of Delaware hosted a non-partisan Congressional briefing on Science Diplomacy in partnership with Offices of Senator of D-DE and R-Ark.  The discussion upholded IPL’s vision statement and continuing to support discussions for the advancement of the SDGs in the US and globally.

What does effective policy really mean?

December 18, 2019

Island Policy Lab Director Dr Kalim Shah participates in a podcast with CESaRE Voices (Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy) on effective policymaking.

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