Ongoing Projects

Thomas Jefferson Grant Awarded to UD’s Island Policy Lab and Université de la Reunion

Island Policy Lab is one of the recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Grant with Université de la Reunion on a project on “Exploring Governance Dynamics for Sustainable Energy Transitions in Overseas Island Jurisdictions: The Case of Martinique in the Caribbean”.  Read more here

Grant Awarded to the Island Policy Lab by the UD Research Foundation

With a UDRF Grant, the IPL is conducting a research project titled “Designing energy policy for secure, renewable transitions: Application of the OSeMOSYS energy modelling tool in U.S. Island Territories”. Subscribe to learn more.

Past Projects

Special Issue – “Energy & Climate Change Policy and Governance in Small Island States”

The IPL launched a Special Issue on Sustainability dedicated to advancing knowledge about decarbonizing the island energy sector to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change in the island context. Read more.


US Congressional Briefing on Science Diplomacy

05/14/21 – Prof. S Ali hosts discussion on ‘Science Diplomacy’ upholding IPL’s vision statement and continuing to support discussions for the advancement of the SDGs in the US and globally.

Solve Climate by 2030

05/02/21 – The IPL was proud to participate with global colleagues over the world in the Global Dialogs 2021 hosted by the SolveCLIMATEBY2030 movement.  IPL Director Dr Shah moderated sessions of the global event from Delaware.

Green Industries, Technologies & Air Pollution

03/11/21 – IPL Director, Dr Kalim Shah speaks on green industries, technologies and air pollution in a webinar held by Commonwealth Secretariat’s The Ramphal Institute.

Sustainable Energy Policy for Recovery of Island Economies

11/20/2020 – Our webinar on “Sustainable Energy Policy for Recovery of Island Economies” is available to watch.

Technology and Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability

09/10/2020 – Our webinar on “Technology and Innovation Policy for Island Sustainability” is available on YouTube.

What does effective policy really mean?

12/18/2019 – Director Kalim Shah participates in a Podcast with CERaRE on effective policymaking. Now available on YouTube.

Our Mission • The Island Policy Lab aims to finding solutions to the unique challenges faced by island nations.  We conduct research and run educational programs on islands sustainable development.

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