Bolivia Project Overview


In 2021, the EWB-UD chapter partnered with Engineers in Action (EIA) to build a footbridge in Bolivia. EIA has worked with over 30 universities to design and build 77 footbridges across 11 countries, connecting people to essential resources such as healthcare, markets, and education for the past 15 years. Through thorough discussion and an organization-wide vote, we chose to move forward with this project due to the ability to participate in a structures based project, need of the community, and opportunity to continue working with EIA in similar projects in the future.

       Existing bridges constructed by teams in partnership with EIA

Just in January and February of 2021 alone, over 35,000 families in Bolivia were affected by flooding and 9 people died. The footbridges will eliminate this danger by providing safer travel across the body of water. Bolivia also faces issues with their economy, child education attendance, and healthcare that could be improved by easier transportation. Just with the addition of a footbridge, a community could see a 12% increase in school enrollment, an 18% increase in healthcare treatment, and a 30% increase in labor market income. Although these are the measurable impacts of the bridge, there are social benefits as well, with new people interacting and cultures learning each other’s customs.

Recently we received our site location and are happy to announce we will be building a pedestrian suspension bridge in Jatun Pampa, Bolivia that will serve a community of 300 people. In building this bridge, we are partnered with Georgia Tech and Eastern Mennonite University. We will be traveling for six weeks this summer in order to complete the build. Upon completing this bridge, easier access to education and farms will be provided. This is especially important because the inhabitants of this community are majority farmers, whose primary source of income is from plants and animals including pumpkins, carrots, onions, spicy vegetables, cabbage, oranges, sheep, and goats.  The EWB-UD website will be continually updated as our work with Jatun Pampa, Bolivia progresses, so make sure to check back!

                  Our project site in Jatun Pampa, Bolivia

Travel Blog

Building Community and a Bridge

FALL MEETINGS WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM ALISON HALL ROOM 132After 6 weeks of work, the Bolivia Team finished their bridge project with the help of students fromGeorgia Tech, East Mennonite University, and the community of Jatun Pampa.  Our members spent several weeks...

Construction Begins in Bolivia

SPRING MEETINGS WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM ALISON HALL ROOM 314The Bolivia project team has been working for 2 weeks on their pedestrian bridge project.  They completed their foundations for the bridge, as well as started construction on the rebar cage for the cables.  It...

Bolivia Team Lands in Sucre

SPRING MEETINGS WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM ALISON HALL ROOM 314Yesterday, the Boliva Team arrived in the city of Sucre to start preparing for their project.  They visited the Mercado to buy groceries and other supplies that they will need when they arrive on-site.  The...

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