The address for the 2023 EWB benefit dinner is 205 Executive Drive, Newark, DE 19711.


In May of 2022, EWB-UD held our first in-person benefit event since 2019!  However, due to lingering Covid restrictions, we decided that the best way to hold this event would be to have it outside as a picnic at White Clay Creek State Park.  The purpose of this event was to celebrate the work that our project teams did throughout the previous year.  After time for the guests to mingle, our president, Lexi Anderson, gave her opening remarks thanking everyone for coming and congratulating the project teams on everything they accomplished.  Then the food was served and the guests were given more time to talk to each other before the project presentations began.



We had 5 different project teams giving presentations on their progress throughout the year.  The Malawi, Bolivia, Phillipines, Research and Reachout teams all made posters that showed guests what they have been working on.  We had each presentation happening simulataneously, while guests would rotate through each team throughout the event.  The teams would give the guests updates on their projects, and then had an interactive activity based on the work they have done.  After the presentations, we had speeches from president Lexi Anderson, guest speaker Dr. Saleem Ali, and vice president Rebecca Beswick.  However, since Rebecca was studying abroad this spring, her speech was delivered by Malawi Project Manager Hannah Bockius.


Thank you to everyone who came and supported our organization during this event! We specifically want to thank Dr. Ali for taking his time to speak to us, the UD Department of Engineering, and our advisors: Jennie Saxe, Julie Karand, and Caroline Williams for all the support they give us.  Take a look at more pictures from this event below!


EWB-UD Team Group Photo!

In April 2021, EWB-UD hosted our annual Benefit Event after a two year hiatus! The purpose of the Benefit Event was for members of EWB-UD to connect with our friends, family, supporters, and sponsors by sharing our accomplishments over the past two years. Despite our inability to host an in person event, EWB-UD made the best of the situation at hand. Rather than hosting a Zoom event, we decided to use gather.town, an online platform which allowed us to create a virtual conference hall with dedicated rooms for activities, speakers, and chatting. Attendees were able to navigate the virtual rooms with their avatar, interact with other guests and EWB-UD members, participate in activities, and listen to our speakers. In all, more than 50 guests were able to attend our event!



Virtual Conference Room

The event began with time for guests to mingle with students and other guests. Our president, Maija Griffioen, delivered a welcome speech before transitioning to our project-specific presentations. In separate virtual rooms, our Malawi, Philippines, Reachout, and Research teams shared their recent progress and engaged attendees with various activities, such as “Guess That Invasive Species!” by our Reachout Chair, Jeff Spencer. The festivities ended with a Keynote address from Dr. Kimberly Bothi, UD Director of Global Engineering and former EWB-UD University Advisor, and a speech by Lexi Anderson, our rising president.

Keynote Speech by Dr. Kim Bothi

We sincerely thank all of our guests for joining us! It is through your friendship, support, and mentorship  that we are able to succeed and continue pursuing our goals. Also, thank you to those that made this event possible: our mentors Jennie Saxe, Julie Karand, and Caroline Williams, UD Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and all of our supporters. See the slider below for photos of our event!



​The Engineers Without Borders UD 2019 Benefit Dinner was a memorable celebration of another year of hard work by EWB-UD’s leaders, members, mentors and community supporters. All these groups had the opportunity to meet and mingle with each other before sitting down to a delicious dinner and potent speeches about EWB-UD’s past, present and future. EWB-UD was honored to have Marc Santos from Senator Coon’s office, who spoke about how being a part of EWB has shaped his life and career as well as the impact that engineering has across political and cultural climates.


Attendees next heard from EWB-UD’s own members. EWB-UD president Ashley Gold shared her own reflection on how her college experience has been shaped by Engineers without Borders. Leaders from our projects in Malawi, the Philippines and Local Reach Out also shared their hard work, describing the accomplishments made over the past year and sharing their ambitious visions for the future of our projects.

As the evening came to a close, several lucky guests secured items in our silent auction, including many items collected during the global travels of EWB-UD members. The event came to a close with some final pictures and warm goodbyes.


A huge thank you is due to the people who made this year’s benefit dinner possible. We would like to thank Marc Santos for taking the time to speak, the UD College of Engineering Staff who were our invaluable partners, the Executive Banquet and Conference Center for graciously accommodating our even, and most of all, our guests. The interest and support of community members is what makes our continued mission possible. We express our utmost gratitude to all of you.

More images from the event can be found below:

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