CT Promotion Panel: April 28

We had a great turnout at the April 28 CT promotion panel. For those of you interested in downloading a video of the event, you can download the mp4 file from the UD Dropbox service. In case you need it for the download:

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Notes from the CT Promotion Panel April 25, 2017

The panel consisted of John Gizis, former chair of CAS P&T committee; Christine Cucciare, associate professor, Department of ENGL (CT promoted in 2015); David Teague, Associate in Arts in Wilmington, professor (CT promoted in 2014); Asima Maura Saad, FLLC, associate professor, Languages Literatures Cultures; Michael McCamley, associate professor of ENGL, current CT member of the University P&T Committee. Also present was Matt Kinservik, Vice Provost for Faculty to answer questions.

pdf of meeting notes