Crowd Funding

This fundraising effort is designed around our build competition teams. Our goal is to raise enough funds to purchase theĀ supplies we need to compete with other top-ranked university teams at the regional and national level. ASME UD Sends a team to the Rowan Collegiate Pumpkin Chunkin Every year, and build a chunkin to hurl a pumpkin 250+ feet downrange. We estimate we need $725 in supplies to build the Chunkin for the coming academic year.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here’s How
Stock Lumber $200
Pillbox Bearings $300
Bicycle Spoke Wheels $100
Braided Rope $25
Metal Tubing $100
Stepper and Servo Motors $400
Motor Shields $50
Arduino Controllers $100
80/20 Framing and Brackets $100
ABS 3D-Print Filament Spool $130