E-Fest East: Soccer Robots Competition

When we arrived at the competition, after a late night of working on the bot, an early morning wake-up, and a four-hour drive, we were already quite tired, but we were looking forward to a fun day filled with awesome robots and friendly competition. We hadn’t had too much time to prepare for this competition, but we had our robot and were ready to do our best.

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Pumpkin Chunkin 2017

Though the goal remains the same, it is always a unique experience at the collegiate Pumpkin Chunkin competition hosted by Rowan University ASME. Breaking down the walls built from last year’s medieval knights theme are the feisty angry birds vying to take out their green pig rivals. While it was buckets full of fun to unload our pumpkins at the king pig, there is more to Pumpkin Chunkin that just the trebuchet. Continue reading Pumpkin Chunkin 2017

Pumpkin Prep

This past week, the ASME UD Pumpkin Chunkin team kicked off our build this semester by reassembling our truss from last year, and prioritizing the additional components to design for this year’s competition. Continue reading Pumpkin Prep