Build-A-Thon 2018 – Rising to the Challenge

At the E-Week Build-A-Thon this past Wednesday, teams competed in three teamwork and competitive design challenges that are easy to learn, but hard to master, and had a great time doing it. These design challenges were Balloon Towers hosted by NSBE, Space Sculptures hosted by ASME, Lifting Prosthesis hosted by MESS as shown in the video above.

Teams of up to four people had 25 minutes to make each prototype, and were tasked with building the best design they could conceive using the supplied materials. Prizes were awarded to the best team at each build station & to the most spirited team, and included a SNAP Gift card and 3D-Printed gear train for the team that won the prize.

Everyone who attend had loads of fun, and there was more than enough pizza and building supplies to go around. Although attendance was lower than last year, each team that competed found their niche and was able to walk home with their neat creation and prizes to boot.

This event was hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Mechanical Engineer Student Squad (MESS), and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Many thanks to Dean Shermeyer’s Office in the College of Engineering for helping fund the purchase of food and other supplies, and for the Office of Communications and Marketing for preparing a recap video.

Thank you for everyone who came out, and for all the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this event happen! Hopefully we will see you at more ASME Fun Events, and at the E-Week Build-A-Thon next year!