Punkin Chunkin 2016

This year felt a little bit medieval at times, but everyone who was able to make it had a blast! Our fixed pivot trebuchet ended up earning the 3rd place spot among 20 collegiate teams, battling wind and increasingly worse mishaps to lob off six pumpkins the day of competition. Everyone was pleased by the result, to say the least. Thank you to Rowan University ASME for hosting, and for all of the hard work the punkin chunkin build team put into designing a trebuchet from scratch this year!

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Dover Speedway Tour

Once we all figured out where we needed to park, ASME UD members were treated to a guided tour of the ‘Monster Mile’ racetrack. The first stop on our visit was the VIP above-track seating, complete with bridge & triply reinforced windows.


Next, we headed over to check out miles the monster with the track awards,asme-dover-speedway-10-14-2016-2

Latter on our trip, we also got to see the press room complete with the interview desk.asme-dover-speedway-10-14-2016-1

Closing out our trip, we got an up-close look at Rusty’s modified stock cars and experienced the bank of a self-cleaning track in a bus. Thank you to all who came out for making this trip possible!

Ping Pong Recap (Fall 2016)

Thank you to everyone who came out to help make this event a success! Even if you were just like most people who stopped by to pickup some free pizza, thank you for staying to learn what’s happening in ASME UD through our slideshow presentation.


It was a hard fought single elimination tournament, but a single individual has emerged victorious from the bracket. Congratulations to Michael Criswell on your victory, and on receiving a free ASME UD T-shirt & gift card.asme-ping-pong-10-3-2016-8