Welcome to the UD African Heritage Caucus Website

The overarching goal of the African Heritage Caucus (AHC) is to promote a supportive and welcoming environment in which African heritage faculty, professionals and salaried staff can achieve their fullest potential as employees. Use this site to find out about our networking, mentoring and advocacy activities in pursuit of this powerful, yet challenging, goal.

Dear UD Community,

The recent murder of George Floyd has sparked a global response regarding inequality and racial injustice. The African Heritage Caucus stands in support of George Floyd’s family and citizens across the world who are peacefully protesting and calling for reform against police brutality, racial discrimination and systemic racial inequality. Mr. Floyd’s murder is one of countless injustices that have been committed against people of color since our nation’s inception.  As a Caucus, we recognize that members of our community are hurting as we all try to make sense of what feels senseless.  It is our hope that we will come together as a community to support and love one another.

Within our UD campus there are examples of injustices and discrimination that go unreported or unresolved. Individually, these incidents deteriorate the relationships between students, faculty and staff that mediate education, research, and innovation. Cumulatively, these incidents create an unwelcoming environment for students, staff and faculty of color.  We hope that the events of the past few weeks will awaken all members of the campus community to their responsibility to create an environment in which all members of the UD community can feel valued and a sense of belonging. As members of a University community,  we each have a personal and professional obligation to stand in unity against racial inequality.

We know a statement is not nearly enough to express the frustration and pain we are experiencing at this time, but it is our hope for authentic diversity, equity and inclusion in the future. We hope you will stand in agreement with us. As a community, we can and must do better.