WCU Volume 28, Issue 20 – July 31, 2020

WCU Volume 28, Issue 20 – July 31, 2020

PDF of WCU Volume 28, Issue 20 – July 31, 2020
WCU Subscription Options for 2020: Mail, Fax, Email or Text
How to Contact Extension Agents Working Remotely

Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Crop Insect Scouting
Fruit Set Problems and Pollination Disorders in Fruiting Vegetables
Extreme Weather Events Could Compromise One of Our Best Disease Management Tools in Vegetables
Ozone Damage to Cucurbit and Tomato Plants

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Crop Insect Scouting
Using Foliar Manganese Applications to Correct Deficiencies in Double-Cropped Soybean
Soybean Disease Update
2020 University of Delaware Small Grains Variety Trial Results

Guess the Pest! Week 17 Answer: Pythium or Phytophthora
Guess the Pest! Week 18
Important to Watch for Spotted Lanternfly Now
Mid Atlantic Crop Management School Going Virtual
Farm Succession Planning – A Process Worth 100 Acres or More…
Free Investing in Your Farm’s Future Online Series
Coronavirus and Our Finances: Resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Extension302 Podcast
2020 Women in Ag Webinars — 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
Farm Succession Planning Workshops – Thursdays in August | Online
Weed Management in Pastures Webinar – Aug 5 | Online
Farmer Panel Discussion on Soil Health – Aug 11 | Online
Stormwater Workshop Series Webinar – Aug 13 | Online
Soil Health Solutions Webinar – Aug 17 | Online
Climate Adaptation Fellows Program for Vegetable and Fruit Growers
USDA-FSA Office Visits by Appointment