Climate Adaptation Fellows Program for Vegetable and Fruit Growers and Ag Advisors

Climate change is bringing challenges for vegetable and small fruit growers.

For farmers to reduce their risk, they need to adapt. To address this increasing need, the Climate Adaptation Fellowship was created. The program provides a peer-to-peer curriculum for farmers and advisors. Its framework is designed to integrate climate science with a land manager’s knowledge.

Participants in the vegetable and fruit program will enhance their knowledge of climate impacts to vegetable and fruit farms in the Northeast. Accepted fellows will complete the program in pairs (farmers and advisors) to develop personalized farm adaptation plans and outreach materials to share with peers.

The Northeast Climate Adaptation Fellowship is open to commercial farmers in the Northeast U.S.( Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C) who grow vegetables and/or small fruit and to agricultural advisors who work with vegetable/small fruit farms in this region.

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