Ed Kee Guest Lecture

Ed Kee, the former Secretary of Agriculture, came into our class and educated us on Delaware Agriculture. Ed taught us the 40% of Delaware’s land is farmland and around 30% of that land is permanently reserved by the Aglands Preservation Program. This program was established in 1991 and it helps preserve the farmland by making the land only be able to be sold for agriculture purposes. In Delaware alone, there are about 2,500 farmers and about 1/3 of those farmers till 2/3 of the land. Agriculture in Delaware creates 7-8 billion dollars in economic activity every year.  Along with these statistics, Ed also taught us how genetics and irrigations have been helping to improve the yields over the years. Genetics have also helped increase the average cow population. Lastly, I learned how technology is changing everyday and is helping farmers in many ways. One change in technology that really stuck out to me was how an app on a phone can control multiple irrigations at once. From the click of a button, the farmer can change how much water is being put out and how fast the irrigation is moving. This technology is incredible and will help farmers a lot when it comes to saving time and putting out the correct amount of water.

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