Ed Kee Guest Speaker “Food Shed”

Mr. Kee’s presentation was very informal and taught me a lot of new things. While driving around Delaware I never really take into account truly how many farms there are. So, when Mr. Kee had in his presentation that 41% of Delaware is farmland I was little skeptical. But, now while I’m driving around I really notice just how many farms I pass between fields and poultry farms its kind of eye opening. I am very intrigued by Delaware’s Young Farmer Program it sounded like it could be very intersting and I would like to learn more about it. One thing that all of our guest speakers have hit on is just how much technology has changed the game for farmers. Like, Georgies chicken farm the houses temperature were kept in check by the system she installed. Ed Kee showed us some other examples like irrigation systems for fields and how farmers can control it all right there on their phones.  I can’t wait to learn more from Ed Kee in his next presentation.

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