Store Brand, Name Brand, Off Brand, Cattle Brand… How do you want to be recognized?

This past Wednesday Michele Walfred gave us a lecture that I found very interesting. It was about social media, employers, and setting yourself up for success. She emphasized the importance of self-branding throughout her presentation. At the beginning of the power point she went through the logos of numerous brands and told us to say what was the first thing that came to mind. For the BMW logo people thought luxury, expensive, and fast. The John Deere logo received thoughts like dependable, tough, and work horse. The Craftsman tool logo was thought of as high quality and precise. After a few more logos we were shown pictures of people and quotes off of Facebook. The pictures were selfies, pictures from parties and bath room selfies. The quotes included people complaining about their jobs. Ms. Michele explained that when companies are going through the hiring process they are looking up the applicants and looking for more than good workers. They are looking for people who can represent them well. These photos and quotes would be negative towards the posters personal brand. It would brand them as party animals, trouble makers, poor literacy, and not great under stress. These are things companies do not want to represent them. The main idea taken away from this lecture was to be smart on social media and to think about your personal brand. Market yourself so that you are competitive on the job market and companies want you to represent them.

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