Michele Walfred on Social Media and Branding

Parents raise their children with the intent for them to become the best person they can be. When it comes time to be independent, however, parents have to hope that their child was given all the knowledge needed to become that great person. In listening to Michele speak, it hit home that what many parents drive into their kids about social media isn’t just a scare tactic. My dad is an administrator and has always said that before hiring someone they look at their social medias, or the brand they have created for themselves. As a teen I thought this was just one of the ways they tried to keep me humble and well rounded. To my surprise, it occurs everywhere and it happens all the time. One of the major points I took from Michele’s speech is that nothing is ever erased and with that your face is attached forever. No matter how many times you hit the delete button on a device, somewhere on the internet can be the post you thought was gone forever. What you see is what you should get, in other words, what you post is something you should want your family, friends, bosses, and colleagues to look at and be proud of. Posting things of importance to you, things with value that show your ethics, and that are a direct reflection of your best is what anyone should see upon searching your name. I took into great consideration what I learned in this lecture, understanding that just because my friends may post things that look cool now, could come back to hurt them later and I have been better off keeping my name at my own face value.

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