Fifer Orchards

Our trip to fifer orchards was a blast and defenently one to remember. We were greeted by Bobby Fifer, the man who makes Fifers what it is. When visiting, we were shown the the fields where some of th crops are grown, the apple orchard, the packing house, and then followed finally by Fifer’s General store.  The apple orchard was amazing, with a variety amount of apples as well as an abundant amount as well which were all pick you own. Also during the trip we were able to meet with Kurt, in charge of sales. He said that sometimes trucks with go all the way to florida and if something happens on the way down or the product, it’ll be sent back and they have to figure out what to do with all that product, which is worth thousands. The most exciting part of the trip was visisting the store, where i was able to purchase amazing ice cream and apple cider.

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