Dave Mayonado’s Lecture: Monsanto

Dave Mayonado’s lecture this morning was very interesting and gave me more insight on technology in agriculture. Before this class, I never realized how much research went into the agriculture industry and how that directly effects me personally with the food I eat. I think everyone should become more educated on this industry so they have full knowledge of what it entails, instead of some distorted views on certain topics that are misrepresented.

One example that Dave touched upon were GMO’s. This has been a topic brought up repeatedly in this class. Before, I would purposely buy food products that were labeled “nonGMO”, but now I see how beneficial GMO’s are and how they are a form of technology to help increase yields with less pesticide products but inserting genes. Another example of technology in agriculture that he mentioned (which I did not know was used in agriculture as well) was RNA interference. While you can add a gene to make a specific protein expressed, you can also turn off specific genes by introducing something the cell recognizes as a “threat” and is able to turn off that specific gene. These technologies are ¬†useful, and the example he gave about the corn root worms painted a picture on how it is exactly used by having the protein the corn root produces, protect it from this worm.

I think with all the technologies and research we have, and how it is continuously improving, the agriculture industry is benefit tremendously. Crop yields are increasing, soil quality is way better, less pesticides have to be used, and overall we are able to provide all the food we have in this country, which is amazing. I really enjoyed this guest lecture and having my knowledge on this industry continue to expand!

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