Mark Lynas Speech

Mark Lynas’ speech was a great example on how GMO’s can help benefit our growing population. He started talking how he was not for GMO’s since people didn’t want their food being modified and just wanted it organic. Well, Lynas through reasoning that is very well stated, changed his mind that having GMO’s was the only way our country can make it through the upcoming years when the population would be at an all time high. Even with how fast technology is advancing we still might now have the chance of increasing our food production up to 70% of what we make now. Also with GMO’s, it helps with preserving land and how with GMO’s, you can grow more crops on smaller pieces of land. Also with GMO’s, all the plants are the same since they all have the same treatment which means there will be no bad crops. With the environment changing, plants might have to start relying heavily on GMO’s to make sure they can withstand what climate change has ahead. Overall, Mark Lynas is a smart and knowledgeable man that can make it hard for someone to hate on GMO’s.

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