Mark Lynas Speech

In the speech at Oxford farming conference in 2013, Mark Lynas talks about his anti GMO stand. Not really knowing why but just thinking of GMOs as bad. But he changes his mind and has scientific reasons why he did. In 2050 we will have a population of 9 million people on earth compared to the 7.51 billion now. So we will need a 100% more yield from farms with farm lands diminishing for commercial use like building homes or even malls. So rain forests will have to be used for farm land instead of home for animals. But a way to stop this from happening is to use GMOs. With GMOs it helps the farmer to create a bigger yield with the land he already has so there is more food for the public. In school we talked about GMOs and talked about some of the evil things the scientists were doing but know that I looked at this video it shows that GMOs are used to help create more food for the public so people are fed. I hope in the future, with GMOs being common place, that the teaching of eating less but eating smarter will be there too.

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