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Positives and Negatives of Food Labeling

With the talk of labeling foods that contain GMOs and what is exactly in those GMOs has started to become a real controversial topic. With this, there are both sides to argue why labeling foods that have been helped with GMOs are positive and negative effects. Starting with the negatives, with food labeling, people can now see what actually goes into the food they are eating. People would become more judgmental on the food they buy due to the additional facts that would be added to the food labeling. This could hurt a company’s product sales if someone were to not like the GMO used in the food as some GMOs are said they are causes of cancer and other diseases. From a positive standpoint, food labeling can help a consumer make a better choice on their food and eat healthier. For the companies making the food, they could increase their prices of food since labeling the more specifics of their food means that more time and effort has to go into their product, increasing the price. Overall, the person that will decide weather food labeling is good or not is the consumer. They are the only one that matters since that food label going on their food is there for them and depending on how they take it is going decide if that product will sell in the market or not.

Mark Lynas Speech

Mark Lynas’ speech was a great example on how GMO’s can help benefit our growing population. He started talking how he was not for GMO’s since people didn’t want their food being modified and just wanted it organic. Well, Lynas through reasoning that is very well stated, changed his mind that having GMO’s was the only way our country can make it through the upcoming years when the population would be at an all time high. Even with how fast technology is advancing we still might now have the chance of increasing our food production up to 70% of what we make now. Also with GMO’s, it helps with preserving land and how with GMO’s, you can grow more crops on smaller pieces of land. Also with GMO’s, all the plants are the same since they all have the same treatment which means there will be no bad crops. With the environment changing, plants might have to start relying heavily on GMO’s to make sure they can withstand what climate change has ahead. Overall, Mark Lynas is a smart and knowledgeable man that can make it hard for someone to hate on GMO’s.

Hoober Field Trip

This past weekend, we drove south down to Middletown, Delaware to go explore Hoober, Inc. On Saturday, we learned mostly on the topic of precision agriculture and how it has benefited the farming world from knowing where in a particular part of a field where your crops aren’t growing the best by using a drone, to having the tractor auto-pilot itself through GPS while you just sit there and watch. All of this is going towards increasing our food production as all people in the farming industry know that as the population grows, as a community, we will need to start growing food at a faster rate in order to provide for everyone in the world. The picture below shows all of us in front of a tractor that drives itself when programmed correctly. Hoober’s sure did blow my mind! 

Field Trip to Georgie’s Poultry Farm

 Georgie Cartanza’s poultry farm was a such a great experience for my classmates and I. We couldn’t have picked a better day to learn and explore her 4 chicken houses. I have been in a big chicken house like the one we saw on Saturday just one other time, but to see another one like it with over 37,000 chickens in one house was incredible.  Georgie told us some interesting facts like how she produces over 5 million pounds of chicken per year to letting us know that she makes money off of her chicken’s manure. One other piece of information that I took from Georgie’s presentation on Saturday was how you get what you give. She talked about how whenever you get the chance, you should help out someone that needs it because one day, when you may need that help, those people that you gave to, will give back. Thanks Georgie for an awesome day on your farm and educating us more on the poultry world!