Shop Policies and Access

Shop Policies

General Operating Policy:

The policy of the Student Shop will be to accept projects with an appropriate scope as determined by the Shop Supervisor. Project scope will be evaluated in terms of complexity, supervision time, and time to complete the project. Individuals with projects determined to be beyond the scope of the Student Shop will be referred to the Graduate Student Machine Shop.

Shop Use Policy:

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of Delaware are eligible to work in the shop. All shop users must complete the following:

  1. Set up your F.O.M. account.
  2. Complete the Online Basic Shop and Hand and Power Tools Training. Once you have completed the training, you will be instructed to take the Online Quiz. You must pass the quiz with a grade of 100% to have shop access. The quiz expires every September 1st, and must be passed again to retain shop access.
  3. Sign up for and attend the Milling Machine, Lathe, or Welding training if you want to use these machines.

Access Procedure for the Student Machine Shop  & Design Studio

(For those that need to retake the quiz for the 2019-20 academic year, perform steps 2 through 4 below.)

The Student Machine Shop and Design Studio are ONLY available to University of Delaware Students.

Staff and Faculty should contact  the Engineering Research Machine Shop in Colburn for any machining or fabricating.


Register on FOM (Instructions). If you have already registered for FOM, skip this step.  You only need to register for FOM once during your time at UD.  Once you are registered, FOM is ONLY for reserving shop equipment. All training and other information are on the Shop website.


Watch the the following five safety videos on the Student Shop UD Capture site:

Video 1:  Introduction to the Student Machine Shop

Video 2:  Operation of the Band Saw

Video 3:  Operation of the Miter Saw

Video 4:  Operation of the Drill Press     

Video 5:  Operation of the Sanders 


Read the three written safety documents (pdfs) at the link below.

Link to three files :

Note:  Be sure to write down the confirmation code or phrase within each document. You will need these codes to pass the online quiz. These codes are now unique to each person and cannot be shared.


Take the Online Shop Safety and Procedures Quiz and pass with a score of 100%. The link to the quiz is in the safety training  documents. You may retake the quiz until you pass. The quiz may mark your email address as incorrect. This does not affect your score and can be disregarded.


Once you pass the Online Shop Safety and Procedures Quiz, you can use your UD Student ID to access The Student Machine Shop (104 Spencer Lab), and rest of The Design Studio (109 and 134 Spencer Lab). When entering The Student Machine Shop (Room 104), always check with a Machinist first prior to doing anything.


In order to access shop equipment, you will need to complete in-person training with the shop machinists. Students in required Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering courses, namely, MEEG102 and BMEG360, will have in-person training sessions arranged through their course instructors. These trainings will cover the Milling Machines only. For students who have not already taken in-person Milling Machine training through a required course or students who wish to take training on other equipment (e.g., Lathe, Welding), you need to sign up for a required training session. Consult the Shop Calendar for timing of equipment-specific trainings. Please note that sign-ups for shop training are limited, and cancelations must be made 24 hrs in advance. Failure to show up for a training session may result in you losing sign-up privileges for a month.


Once you have completed in-person equipment training, you can log onto FOM to reserve the specific machines for which you have been trained. The Milling Machines, Lathes, and Welding Equipment must be reserved in advance. Refer to the Shop Layout for equipment locations. Completed and signed technical drawings must be submitted for review at least 24 hours before your appointment. The only exceptions to this are class projects. Email the drawings to


Undergraduate and graduate students working on a research project must bring a signed Request for Services form to the Student Machine Shop prior to initiating any work. The form must be signed by your research (faculty) advisor or the Business Administrator for the department or research center affiliated with the research project. The form must also contain the purpose (account) code to be charged for the work being performed in the shop.  A new Request of Services form must be provided at the beginning of every month. Note that there is a $10 per hour charge for student use of the Student Machine Shop and the equipment in the shop for all research related work. Use of the 3-axis Mazak milling machine operated by a machinist in the shop will result in a $48 per hour charge for all course, student club, and research related work.