Sensorimotor Control & Robotic Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

The Sensorimotor Control and Robotic Rehabilitation Lab utilizes a KINARM robotic exoskeleton (BKIN Technologies) that is capable of tracking movement of the limb, as well as providing assisted movement via motors that can control movement of the elbow and shoulder. The system has the flexibility to quantify behavior across sensory, motor, and cognitive domains. The lab is also equipped with an Eyelink gaze-tracking system (S-R Research) to monitor eye movements.

These are used to study sensorimotor function and rehabilitation of the upper limb in individuals with stroke and other neurologic diseases/injuries. We are interested in understanding the neural and behavioral mechanisms that contribute to learning and recovery of sensory and motor function after neural injury through the use of a variety of techniques, including: robotics, neuroimaging, neurostimulation, and computational modeling.

Director: Jennifer Semrau

Lab phone number: (302) 831 – 3913