Former Lab Members: Where are They Now?

Lauren Baran
Undergraduate Researcher

Lauren Baran is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Exercise Science and Medical Diagnostics. She likes outdoor activities and reading in her free time.

Matthew Bloom
Undergraduate Researcher

Matthew is a senior Exercise Science major with a minor in History. In his free time, he likes to play sports and spend time with friends.

Jessie Dejneka
Undergraduate Researcher

Jessie is a senior Exercise Science major with minors in Biology and Spanish for Healthcare. In her free time she enjoys hiking, running and being outside.

Makenna Dixon
Undergraduate Researcher

Makenna is an Exercise Science major and Community Engagement Scholar. When not working in the lab, she plays on the UD Women’s Club Rugby Team.

Duncan Tulimieri, BS
BIOMS PhD Student

Duncan is a graduate student in the Biomechanics and Movement Science program and a recent graduate from Denison University. When not working in the lab he enjoys fishing and exploring the outdoors.

Chanel Smith
Undergraduate Researcher

Chanel is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Delaware, majoring in Biological Science. She is currently pursuing a career in the Cannabis industry while taking a year off working as a Horticulturist for Native Roots in Denver, Colorado. She will be returning for the 2021-2022 academic year to continue her studies and work as an undergraduate researcher for Dr. Semrau.

Julia Gray

Alexa Saldida

Anna Faunce

Anna is now working as an Associate Project Manager at Suvoda at their Conshohocken PA location. Suvoda is a company that works in developing software to assist in setting up and supporting clinical trials for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Alli Gill

Francesca Madera

Francesca is a sophomore Medical Diagnostics major with minors in Biology and History. She hopes to attend medical school in the future, and enjoys painting and playing with her dogs in her free time.

Gabby Kowalski

Gabby is now a student in Ohio State University’s Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program. She hopes to either work in inpatient neurorehabilitation or outpatient pediatrics with a focus on assistive technology.