Welcome to the MURI Project:

Multiscale Mathematical Modeling and Design Realization of Novel 2D Functional Materials

Project Overview

The research undertaken by this MURI collaboration will develop efficient and reliable multiscale methods to couple atomistic scales to the mesoscopic and the macroscopic continuum for layered heterostructures. Mathematical formulation and analysis will be led by Mitchell Luskin (U. Minnesota) and Petr Plechac (U. Delaware), physics and engineering-based modeling will be led by Tim Kaxiras (Harvard), Ellad Tadmor (U. Minnesota) and Hossein Mossallaei (Northeastern U.), while experimental discovery and model verification will be led by Philip Kim (Harvard).

The project is funded by ARO-DOD for the period July 2014 – June 2019.



The material presented on this web site is based upon work supported by the Department of Defense under Grant Award W911NF-14-1-0247.
© 2014 P. Plechac.

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