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24-1 Electron-mediated entanglement of two distant macroscopic ferromagnets
within a nonequilibrium spintronic device
A. Suresh, R. D. Soares, P. Mondal, J. P. Santos Pires, J. M. Viana, Parente Lopes, Aires Ferreira, A. E. Feiguin, P. Plechac, B. K. Nikolic
Physical Review A 002400 (2024) · DOI · arXiv

23-2 Path integral molecular dynamics approximations of quantum canonical
X. Huang, P. Plechac, M. Sandberg, A. Szepessy

23-1 Generative diffusion learning for parametric partial differential equations
T. Wang, P. Plechac, J. Knap

22-5 Canonical mean-field molecular dynamics derived from quantum mechanics
X. Huang, P. Plechac, M. Sandberg, A. Szepessy
ESAIM M2AN Math. Model. and Numer. Anal. (2022) 56, 2197–2238 · DOI

22-4 Martingale product estimators for sensitivity analysis in computational statistical physics
P. Plechac, G. Stoltz, T. Wang
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2022) · DOI

22-3 Smaller generalization error derived for deep compared to shallow residual neural networks
A. Kammonen, J. Kiessling, P. Plechac, M. Sandberg, A. Szepessy, R. Tempone
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2022) 1–48 ·  DOI (open source) · arXiv

22-2 On the time-domain full waveform inversion for time-dissipative and dispersive poroelastic media
Miao-Jung Y. Ou, P. Plechac, Jiangmin Xie
Appl. Analysis, (2022), 1-17 · DOI · arXiv

22-1 Well-posedness of a random coefficient damage mechanics model
P. Plechac, G. Simpson, J. R. Troy
Appl. Analysis, (2022), 1-28 · DOI

21-2 Spintronics meets time-dependent density matrix renormalization group: Nonclassical magnetization reversal and global entanglement growth due to current-pulse-driven quantum spin torque.
M. D. Petrovic, A.E. Feigun, P. Plechac, B. K. Nikolic,
Phys. Rev. X, 11, 021062, (2021) · DOI · arXiv

21-1 Convergence of the likelihood ratio method for linear response of non-equilibrium stationary states
P. Plechac, G. Stoltz, T. Wang
ESAIM Math. Model. and Numer. Anal. 55, (2021), S593-S623 · DOI · arXiv

20-5 Scattering-induced and highly tunable by gate damping-like spin-orbit torque in graphene doubly proximitized by two-dimensional magnet Cr2Ge2Te6 and monolayer WS2
K. Zollner, M. D. Petrovic, K. Dolui, P. Plechac, B.K. Nikolic, J. Fabian
Physical Review Research (2020), 2 (4) 043057 · DOI · arXiv

20-4 Adaptive random Fourier features with Metropolis sampling
A. Kammonen, J. Kiessling, P. Plechac, M. Sandberg, A. Szepessy,
Foundations of Data Science, (2020), 2(3), 309–332 · DOI · arXiv

20-3 Sampling from Rough Energy Landscapes
P. Plechac, G. Simpson
Comm. Math. Sciences, (2020), 18(8), 2271 – 2303 · DOI · arXiv

20-2 Proximity spin-orbit torque on a two-dimensional magnet within van der Waals heterostructure: Current-driven antiferromagnet-to-ferromagnet reversible nonequilibrium phase transition in bilayer CrI3
K. Dolui, M. D. Petrovic, K. Zollner, P. Plechac, J. Fabian, B.K. Nikolic
Nano. Lett. (2020), 20 (4), 2288-2295 · DOI

20-1 Accelerated scale bridging with sparsely approximated Gaussian learning
T. Wang, K. W. Leiter, P. Plechac, J. Knap.
J. Comp. Phys., (2020), 403, 109049 · DOI ·  arXiv

19-4 The classical limit of quantum observables in the conservation laws of fluid dynamics
P. Plechac, M. Sandberg, A. Szepessy
Comm. Math. Sciences, (2019), 17 (8), 2191–2221 · DOI · arXiv

19-3 Quantum spin-transfer torque induced non-classical magnetization dynamics and electron-magnetization entanglement
P. Mondal, M. D. Petrovic, P. Plechac, B. K. Nikolic
Phys. Review B, (2019), 99, 094431 · DOI · arXiv

19-2 Spatio-temporal dynamics of shift current quantum pumping by femtosecond light pulse
U. Bajpai, B. S. Popescu, P. Plechac, B.K. Nikolic, L. E. F. Foa Torres, H. Ishizuka, N. Nagaosa
J. Physics: Materials (2019), 2, 025004 · DOI · arXiv

19-1 Steady state sensitivity analysis of continuous time Markov chains
T. Wang, P. Plechac,
SIAM J. Numer. Anal., (2019) 57(1), pp. 192-217 · DOI · arXiv

18-5 Spin and charge pumping by current-driven magnetic domain wall motion: A self-consistent multiscale time-dependent-quantum/time-dependent-classical approach.
M. Petrovic, B. S. Popescu, P. Plechac, B. K. Nikolic
Physical Review Applied (2018) 10, 054038 ·  DOI · arXiv

18-3 Global Sensitivity Analysis of Multiscale Properties of Porous Materials.
K. Um, X. Zhang, M.A. Katsoulakis, P. Plechac, D. Tartakovsky
J. Appl. Physics, (2018), 123, 075103 · DOI

18-2 Thermochemistry of Gas-phase and Surface Species via LASSO-assisted Subgraph Selection.
Geun Ho Gu, P. Plechac, D.G. Vlachos
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 2018 · DOI

18-1 First-principles quantum transport modeling of spin-transfer and spin-orbit torques in magnetic multilayers.
B. K. Nikolic, K. Dolui, M. Petrovic, P. Plechac, T. Markussen, K. Stokbro
In: Andreoni W., Yip S. (eds)  Handbook of Materials Model. Springer, (2018), 1–35 · DOI · arXiv

17-4 Origin of nonlocal resistance in multiterminal graphene on hexagonal-boron-nitride: Fermi surface edge currents rather than Fermi sea topological valley currents.
M. Marmolejo-Tejada, J. H. Garcıa, M. Petrovic, P.-H. Chang, X.-L. Sheng, A. Cresti, P. Plechac, S. Roche, B. K. Nikolic
Journal of Physics: Materials, (2018) 1 (1), p. 015005 · DOI · arXiv

17-3 A force-matching Stillinger-Weber potential for MoS2: Parameterization and Fisher information theory based sensitivity analysis.
M. Wen, S. N. Shirodkar, P. Plechac, E. Kaxiras, R.S. Elliott, E. B. Tadmor
J. Applied Physics, 122(24), (2017), p. 244301 · DOI

17-2 Parallel replica dynamics method for bistable stochastic reaction networks: simulation and sensitivity analysis.
T. Wang, P. Plechac
J. Chem. Phys. 147, 23, (2017) · DOI · arXiv

17-1 Spin-Diffusions and Diffusive Molecular Dynamics.
B.A. Farmer, M. Luskin, P. Plechac, G. Simpson
Model. Simul. in Materials Sci and Eng, 25(8), (2017), p. 084003 · DOI · arXiv

16-3 Parameterizing coarse grained models for molecular systems at equilibrium.
E. Kalligiannaki, A. Chazirakis, A. Tsourtis, M.A. Katsoulakis, P. Plechac, V. Harmandaris
European Physics Journal, 225, (2016), No. 8-9, pp. 1347–1372 · DOI

16-2 Multi-level Monte Carlo acceleration of computations on multi-layer materials with random defects.
P. Plechac, E. von Schwerin

16-1 Stationary averaging for multi-scale continuous time Markov chains using parallel replica dynamics.
T. Wang, P. Plechac, D. Aristoff
SIAM Multiscale Modeling & Simulation , 16(1):1 – 27, 2018 · DOI · arXiv

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