Patel Group

Computational Chemistry, Biophysics, Engineering



1. Physical Chemistry I (Thermodynamics) (CHEM443)

Application of the principles and methods of mathematics and physics to the
quantitative study of chemistry, focusing on thermodynamics. (2016F, 2014F, 2013F, 2012F, 2011F, 2010F)

2. Physical Chemistry II (Kinetics, Quantum Mechanics) (Course Notes) (CHEM444) 2009S, 2008S, 2007S

3. Analysis of Chemical Problems (Mathematics of Physical Chemistry) (CHEM367) Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Spring 2011, Spring 2011

4. Introductory Physical Chemistry (CHEM418) (2014F) 

5. General Chemistry (CHEM104) (2016S)


1. Chemical Thermodynamics (Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics) (CHEM677) 2016S, 2014S, 2012S, 2010S, 2006F


Courses I’ve ‘Taken’

A perk of being University Faculty, I can sit in and learn from my great colleagues all over campus. A list of what I have been fortunate enough to learn so far:

1. MATH829:  Introduction to Mathematical Finance (Spring 2014; Instructor: Prof. David A. Edwards)

2. FINC416:   Derivative Securities and Risk Management (Spring 2015: Instructor: Prof. Jay Coughenour)

3. MATH630: Probability Theory and Its Applications (Fall 2015: Instructor: Prof. Werner Linde)

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