Current Projects

I Can Be Mindful:
Implementation of a mindfulness-based camp for young children in an early learning setting

The purpose of this study is to provide a rich description of the process of implementing a 4-week mindfulness-based day camp within a University Laboratory Preschool utilizing a participant observer approach. Study recruitment included male and female children who attended a preschool day camp –I Can Be Mindful. Data was collected through case report, video and audio recording, and focused observations. Study findings may help to improve procedures for implementation of early childhood education mindfulness-based interventions. Virginia Sawyer, PI – Undergraduate Honors Project, BS Health Behavior Science Senior, 2016.

Investigation is currently in analysis phase.

Mindful Employee and Occupational Wellness

The Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition with the collaboration of Employee Wellness created a stress management program for University of Delaware’s employees, rooted in mindfulness-based interventions, for University of Delaware employees. The study consisted of six, one-hour workshops for University employees who participated, over a six-week period.

The study specifically investigated:

  • The feasibility and process of developing and implementing a stress management program for University of Delaware employees, rooted in mindfulness-based interventions.
  • Measuring participants’ pre and post stress levels.

Investigation is currently in analysis phase.

Mindful cat


Examining Survivors of Cancer and Physical Activity in Delaware

A community-based physical activity needs assessment for the Delaware cancer community was conducted via a series of individual interviews and focus groups, in order to inform future physical research and exercise programs for Delaware cancer survivors. Participants involved included; cancer survivors and their families, cancer care health service providers, and representatives of community-based cancer agencies.

The study specifically investigated:
– Community knowledge of the connections between physical activity and cancer care.
– Physical activity preferences and resources available to Delaware cancer survivors.
– Identify physical activity in cancer care priorities in Delaware.

Investigation is currently in analysis phase.

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