About Us

Welcome to the Mind Body Behavior Laboratory in the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, College of Health Sciences, at the University of Delaware!

Our lab utilizes mixed methods and community-engaged research approaches to investigate how engagement in physical activity and mind-body practices interact with physiological, psychosocial, and phenomenological characteristics to influence health behaviors and outcomes. Ultimately, this innovative translational research approach aids in the development, implementation, and dissemination of state-of-the-art community-based health behavior interventions, programming, and education.

Our mission is  to advance public health and medical care models to better include health behavior science as standard to health promotion and chronic disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

The Mind Body Behavior Laboratory (MBBL) is led by principal investigator Dr. Michael Mackenzie, and a team of faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware.