The Graduate Certificate in Health Coaching provides students and professionals working in health care with the knowledge and skills to facilitate positive behavior change to promote health and reduce chronic disease risk and experience. Specifically, training serves to develop health coaching skills that will:

  • Help people clarify their health goals, and implement and sustain behaviors, lifestyles, and attitudes that are conducive to optimal health
  • Guide people in their self care and health-maintenance activities
  • Assist people in reducing the negative impact made on their lives by chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes

This graduate certificate program allows students to take courses (18 credit hours) specializing in health coaching to enhance their academic and professional experience. Students may work towards a graduate certificate in addition to pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree or students may enroll in this stand-alone graduate certificate program for the purpose of personal and professional development. In some programs, certificate program course credit can be applied toward a graduate degree. ALL graduate certificate program students must achieve a cumulative 3.0 (B) grade point average in all graduate certificate courses attempted in order for the graduate certificate to be granted

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