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Here at the Memory and Perception of Speech (MAPS) Lab, we broadly investigate how learning and memory support our perception and production of speech. 

Division of Labor Between Memory Systems During Perceptual Learning

Several of our projects focus on defining how declarative and procedural memory subserve perceptual learning. These two memory systems are thought to undergo different consolidation processes; taken together with our emerging framework for the time course of speech learning, this line of work allows us to ask if the differences in perceptual ability in disordered populations (e.g. dyslexia, developmental language disorder) are attributable to weaknesses in a specific memory system.

Memory Consolidation of Perceptual Learning

We are interested in how the perception and production of newly learned speech contrasts changes as a result of sleep-dependent memory consolidation. We combine behavioral methods with sleep polysomnography, actigraphy, and neuroimaging techniques (e.g. fMRI, ERP) in order to uncover the time course of establishing speech sound and speech motor representations in individuals with typical language, as well as individuals with idiopathic speech and language disorders.

Time-of-Day Effects on Perceptual Learning

We are conducting a series of studies into how the time of day informs the strategies that individuals use to learn new perceptual categories. We are examining this time-of-day effect across individuals at different stages of adolescence, as young adults undergo drastic changes to their chronotype. Additionally, we are interested in how different chronotypes interact sleep-dependent memory consolidation.

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