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At the Memory and Perception of Speech (MAPS) Lab, we investigate how linguistic experience shapes our perception of spoken language. The recent focus of this program has been in the role of memory consolidation during sleep in the acquisition of speech information. Our methods combine behavioral with neuroimaging (fMRI, ERP) techniques to better understand the neural underpinnings of perceptual phenomena. We study these questions in populations with typical and impaired language, in order to improve remediation efforts in those who struggle with spoken language processing.

Considering the PhD program in Communication Sciences and Disorders?  Information about our new PhD program is found here.  Interested candidates for the MAPS lab should contact Sayako Earle at fsearle@udel.edu


MAPS at the ASHA Conference!

MAPS at the ASHA Conference!

Congrats to our summer scholars!!

Congrats to our summer scholars!!

MAPS lab was well represented at the UD Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium. This year, our very own Hannah Martin and Emily Virok presented their research projects, as well as Charlotte, a visiting scholar from UConn. They did a fantastic job! Charlotte, thanks for sharing your summer doing research with us!

If you are interested in learning more about their work, click on links below for pdfs of the posters.

Charlotte Health Literacy

Hannah Social Integration

Emily Accent Exposure

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