About the IT PMO

The IT PMO promotes leveraging key practices and methodologies of The Standard for Program Management as well as incorporating industry best practices in project management and business analysis. IT PMO will focus on building central competencies, methods, processes and in-house standards that meet the needs and demands of the University.


The Information Technologies (IT) Program Management Office (PMO), working with major organizations in this industry both in the private and public sector, will lead the University of Delaware as a national model incorporating industry best practices in order to “Dare to be first.”


The Project Management Office provides leadership in the development and deployment of technology solutions throughout the University of Delaware by promoting consistent project management processes and roles in the information technology realm, enabling project leaders to successfully deliver promised value to University customers. The PMO ensures that effective project management is a core capability of the University of Delaware’s Information Technologies team (UD IT).


  • Deliver successful Information Technologies projects and programs. With key stakeholders and college business partners, define the success criteria for each program and project, and provide the required services and oversight to ensure the criteria are met or exceeded.
  • Develop an IT PMO framework. The IT PMO framework will standardize governance processes and facilitate the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques.
  • Continuously Build Project and Business Analysis management professionalism among IT staff. Professionalism is attained both by the amount of experience and training as well as behavior leading to an understanding of roles, responsibilities and associated expertise.
  • Serve as IT’s resource on Business Analysis and IT Program and Project Management best practices. The PMO resource pool is well-versed in the latest processes, standards and concepts in Business Analysis, IT Program and Project Management.
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