Project Templates

The IT PMO has developed the project templates for your use below. These templates are constantly maintained and improved by the IT PMO team, so it is recommended that you check back regularly to download the latest version of the templates.
The Google Docs versions of the templates will automatically prompt you to make a copy of the original template, and Microsoft Word versions of the templates will download automatically to your computer.

All templates require you to sign in to Google Drive with your UD credentials.

Template NameDescriptionProject PhaseTemplate Link
Project Charter (required)The Project Charter outlines the project objectives, key stakeholders involved, in-scope & out-of-scope specifications, assumptions, risk, and more. The Charter must be signed or approved by the project sponsor, project manager(s), and any key stakeholders as necessary.InitiationGoogle Doc

Microsoft Word
Test PlanThe Test Plan defines the product specifications and requirements agreed upon by the client, developers, and vendors involved in a project, in addition to who is responsible for validating that the specifications and requirements have been met.PlanningGoogle Doc
Communication PlanThe Communication Plan defines sources of information, audience communication requirements, project team communication requirements, and the avenues that will be used for delivering information.PlanningGoogle Doc
Test ScriptsTest scripts are used for recording and tracking all track cases and testing progress throughout a project in a spreadsheet view.ExecutionGoogle Sheet
Issue LogThe Issue Log is used to document and track issues that arise during a project.Monitoring & Controlling Google Sheet
Project Change OrderThe Project Change Order describes the nature of change, reason for change and impact of change agreed to by responsible stakeholders of the project.Monitoring & Controlling Google Doc
Lessons LearnedThe Lessons Learned document is part of a continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned helps the project team discover the root causes of problems that occurred and avoid those problems in later project stages or future projects.ClosureGoogle Doc
Project Closure ReportThe Project Closure Report is the final document produced for the project and is used by the project sponsor, project lead and project manager to assess the success of the project, identify best practices for future projects, resolve all open issues, and formally closes the project.ClosureGoogle Doc
UDIT Purchase Executive SummaryThe UDIT Purchase Executive Summary template is completed by the CIO's direct report for purchases >=$250,000. The Executive Summary is sent to the EVP through the Technology Request process.N/AGoogle Doc
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