Technology Request Process


Central IT Project Management Office (IT-PMO) has developed an IT Project Request Process that creates a pathway for university members who want to solve their business need with information technology (IT) collaboration. This pathway offers clear time frames and communication check points, along with consultation, technology expertise, and support from IT on projects.

IT PMO Objective

IT-PMO’s Project Request Process will provide a standard point of entry to collect information on the high-level scope, alignment with strategic objectives, and provide a portfolio summary of projects.

  • Need #1: improve visibility and transparency for project requests
  • Need #2: improve portfolio project reporting
  • Need #3: improve engagement and collaboration
  • Need #4: reducing tool redundancy
  • Need #5: encouraging operational excellence
  • Need #6: Streamline the project request and project approval process

Project Levels

“A Project is a temporary endeavor (has a definitive start and end date), undertaken to create a unique product, service or result within defined constraints. A project concludes when its specific tangible and/or intangible objectives have been attained and the project resources have been released to do other work.” Refer to Project Tailoring Process for more information – 180801-P-012

Strategic Project (Level 2 or 3)

Any project request that meets any of the criteria below will be considered a Strategic Project.

  • Request will impact more than one department or unit outside of the requester
  • Request requires university funds to be expended, excluding staff salaries
  • Request has a large university impact
  • Request implements new technologies and processes that promote transformative change
  • Request meets one or more of the following business drivers: Strategic, Innovation

Risk Avoidance Project (Level 3, 2, or 1)

  • Request if not fulfilled will have adverse security or risk impacts
  • Request has one or more of the Strategic Project criteria’s

Operational Project (Level 2 or 1)

Any project request that meets all of the criteria below will be considered an Operational Project.

  • Request is in support of one department
  • Request does not require university funds to be expended, excluding staff salaries
  • Request does not have a large university of impact
  • Request will optimize performance and accommodate incremental growth and improvement

Enhancement Request

Any project request that doesn’t meet the criteria’s of a Strategic or Operational and is specific to an existing application/system.


The IT Project Intake Form will initiate the process for review, discussion and decision on where the request aligns as a project or operational effort.

Step 1: Project Intake

The project requestor should submit the IT Project Intake form. The request will be sent to the IT project management system and an email notification will be sent to the requestor and IT PMO team.
Timeframe: Immediate

Step 2: IT PMO Review

The IT PMO team will review the request to assess the scope and project requirements. A member of the IT PMO team will reach out to the requestor for more information and next steps.
Timeframe: 1 week

Step 3: Requestor Consultation

The IT PMO team will have a consultation meeting with the requestor to obtain a deeper understanding of the business needs.
Timeframe: Meeting will be scheduled within 3 weeks of review

Step 4: Project Advancement

Based on the project review and consultation, the IT PMO will recommend one of three courses: launch, governance approval, or project portfolio queue.


The project will be initiated immediately and a Project Manager will be assigned.
Timeframe: 4 – 6 weeks

Governance approval

The project will be reviewed and prioritized by the IT Governance Committee.
Timeframe: 3 weeks – 2 months

Project portfolio queue

The project will be queued for monthly IT PMO review until a Project Manager can be assigned to help launch the project.
Timeframe: reviewed monthly

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